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Basilisk is now released under the Artistic License and it is now an OSI certified project.

Using the Artistic License the project is freely available to anyone, if you need support or an alternative licensing, you can contact us.

License FAQs

Why Artistic License and not GPL?
Because GPL is an exclusive open source license. I wanted a more free and liberal license.

Can I use the code in a closed source project?
As long you credit the project and are honoring the Artistic License you can.

Can I use the project with other open source licenses?
Yes, it's your project and you can use Basilisk with whichever license you want. Just honor the guidelines of Artistic License and we're set. I'm strongly convinced that all the open source licenses are under the same banner and is stupid to put limitations on mutual usage.

This means that I can fork your project using another open source license?
No, just means that you can use my project with other licenses without any "compatibility issue". The terms of usage of basilisk code remains those of the Artistic License.

Can I resell your project?
Not the project itself. You can ship it (only for a reasonable shipping fee), you can offer support or other material (like printed manuals, for example) for it, but you cannot resell the product itself. You can also sell commercial programs using it. It's just the selling of the "bare bone" library that is prohibithed, mostly to avoid exploits.