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Basilisk is a multimedia class library for Java. Basilisk was used in many past Java games produced by zerosoft for third party software houses and distributore. With the approach of Tiger and the great effort of Sun for the development of Java Games, zerosoft has decided to release Basilisk as a public open source project and as a licensable direct support product.



Why Basilisk

Because we can.

The non-native approach is made for several reason: Basilisk is aimed not only to Java2 SE and EE but also to web technlogies and online games. The full lightweight approach allows performance comparable to C++, a far easier and nicer development cycle and tailored hardware optimizations done at execution time. Another useful feature of using JIT compiled code is a faster memory management that is expecially true when an application chrunches lots of small objects (3D anyone?) and, in general, must cope with lots of dynamic memory operations. Graphic-wise Java can now deliver accelerated hardware 2D performance on all the supported platforms, direct OpenGL bindings and also a new OpengGL-based 2D mode.